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We have a mission to reach the unreached, unconverted, and the unchurched; equipping them to train others to emancipate nations from the works of darkness, with the instrumentality of the WORD of FAITH, books, magazines, DVDs and CDs. TEAM is committed to bringing unbelievers to Christ, and backslidden Christians to the Faith.


The Evangelical Ark Mission (TEAM) is a multi-denominational, multi-racial Apostolic and Prophetic REVIVALIST ARMY, commissioned by God to equip Believers for maximum productivity in every spectrum of life and to evangelize EVERY NATION of the world (Matthew 28:19-20, Joel 2:2-3, Isaiah 61:1-9).

TEAM consists of different Ministries (local and international) working collectively to fundamentally impart the knowledge of the LORDSHIP of JESUS CHRIST over nations, spread the revival fire, equip leaders and to promote UNITY in the CHURCH of God. We plant churches WHEN and WHERE necessary.


TEAM Kamuning

Quezon City | SUNDAYS ONLY

10am - 12nn : English Worship Service
3pm - 5pm : Tagalog Service

Contact: 09175956378

TEAM Alabang
Muntinlupa  | MWF

9am - 11am


5pm - 7pm
Contact: 805-9030 or 0918-900-7136

We’re looking forward to worship and serve with you. Are you excited to discover what God has in store for you?

Feel free to contact us and see you this Sunday!

TEAM is strategically positioned in many nations spiritually, mentally and socially to uproot negative values in the lives of men and replace them with positive and productive morals, essential for daily victory through the WORD of HOPE.


We help BELIEVERS to develop VISION, FAITH and EXCELLENCE to dominate on earth, as Kings and Priests, and aggressively reclaim all that they have lost to the enemy – the total restoration of the Christian dignity.


TEAM constantly helps the poor, needy and less-privileged people of the world (Acts 4:32-35). We have embarked on projects specifically designed to assist the poor, and enhance their living conditions in different parts of the world, especially in the Philippines, USA, UK, India, Pakistan, Cambodia, Brunei, Kenya, China, Malaysia and Haiti.


We have supported Missionaries, Ministries and Churches in these nations. We have a vision to build churches, schools, clinics, hospitals, vocational centers, orphanages and hostels in many developing countries. TEAM offers humanitarian services when and where such services are needed.


In response to the great commission the LORD gave to every believer, we have organized programs (in collaboration with churches and ministries) in different parts of the world – leading to a huge harvest of souls. These crusades, music concerts, and conferences have affected lives positively in AFRICA, ASIA, AUSTRALIA, EUROPE and AMERICA; leading to the establishment of churches, even in the most unlikely places! TEAM evangelistic programs are characterized by “unusual” signs and wonders. Countless number of miracles, healings and deliverances has been recorded, with the blind receiving their sight, cripples walking, the dumb speaking and the deaf hearing.


People with terminal diseases like cancer and the HIV/AIDS have testified openly (with relevant medical certificates) to the healing power of God (ps. 107:20). Thousands of these miracles have occurred mostly in AFRICA, USA and ASIA! There are cases of the dead being raised back to life! A lot of people all over the world have received instant healings and deliverances in our outreach programs, as specific cases were mentioned by prophetic utterances! Some of these miracles were captured live and documented.


Through aggressive leadership training, based on sound scriptural, inspirational and prophetic teachings, many believers worldwide have been influenced positively to succeed in their highest aspirations (Daniel 5:12). These seminars have produced men of remarkable excellence – ordinary men who became prosperous.


This rapid transformation took place as they were exposed to scriptural facts of the covenant blessing, Christian dominion, and the principles of divine breakthroughs (Genesis 1:27-30. Ephesians 1:3).


The Administrative headquarters of TEAM is located in Ayala, Alabang, Muntinlupa City, Philippines, while regional headquarters are situated in Lucena City, Quezon Province of Philippines, India, USA, UK, Australia, Kenya, and Nigeria, with a plan to establish centers in other parts of the world. The officials of TEAM are drawn from different nations of the world.


The President is the Administrative/Spiritual head of the organization, assisted by the Vice-President. The secretary General is the number three in the hierarchy, while the highest policy making body of TEAM consists of the BOARD, COUNCIL OF ELDERS, and REGIONAL DIRECTORS. There are other crucial ministries and departments in the organization which includes DAVID’S ARMY, the LEVITES, MORE, WORD etc.


These are intercessors drawn from different countries of the world, with a burden to pray for the nations (Ephesians 6:12, Jeremiah 1:10, Ezekiel 22:30 and PSALM 122:6). Trained in the principles and dynamics of spiritual warfare and tactics, these anointed prayer warriors have a unique mandate to liberate towns, cities, and nations absolutely from satanic strongholds.


It is the women equivalent of MORE. The WORD Ministry also focuses on homes, children, relationships and marriages; with a mission to promote the dignity, purity and integrity of every Christian woman, promote Christian values in the society and provide unlimited spiritual and moral assistance to families worldwide.


WORD (Women of Royal Destiny)

It is made up of Christian Businessmen and professionals, of outstanding qualities. These men are trained and motivated to EXCEL in their chosen career, with a burden to support the work of God financially throughout the world.

MORE (Men of Remarkable Excellence)

These are anointed and talented praise and worship leaders from all parts of the world, specially trained, and equipped to minister in songs, and reveal the glory of God to all men.


Rebuilding Lives
Outreach Programs
Support Programs
David's Army
The Levites
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